Creating is my passion. I enjoy many of the things that life has to offer, but I gather and direct my energies starting in the studio. Every new piece is the most important one, I am unable to stop until I feel it can stand alone and be a sculpture I am proud to say that I created. 

I enjoy the challenges involved with the design of each new sculpture. As each piece evolves there is a point in time where there is a transition from something that has a recognizable shape to something that has life. Something that evokes emotion. Something that tries to break the barrier between being a object and becoming a force of nature. For me it is a vibration or "shiver" a transformation that adds life. It is something that I can see and feel. Maybe you will see it too? This is the point when all the hours spent are justified.

Thank you for your interest !


Kevin A Moore

Thanks to my family and friends for understanding, supporting, and standing with me in this and every endeavor i follow. They give me the hope and drive I use everyday in the continuing journey that is life ! Thank you.

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